Jasper Weekend

Welcome to our 1st ever newsletter/blog

Last weekend was spent in Jasper, Alberta taking photos with our pup Zoey. The mountains were still a little snowy but bright and warm (15 °C or 59 °F) and YES, that is warm here after the winter we had! She wasn’t too into it, preferring to roll around in the snow and point out the crows. So much for keeping our pretty girl clean!

Zoey dog rolling in snow

We had her on our newest leash, the Convertible Multi Leash. (Must work on the terrible name!) Made up in Caribbean Blue with stainless steel hardware, it worked like a charm for hiking in the mountains and then walking around town. The length was X-Long (about 2.6m or 102” end to end). Found it a bit on the long side in town as a straight leash but perfectly fine wrapped around a waist. There is also the Service length: 1.7m or 66” and the Jogging length: 2.1m or 84” end to end.

The new multi leash will be on sale for the month of May (takes a bit to get the listing all set up). We are in need a few more photos and anyone sending us photos with the multi leash in action will get a 20% off discount code to use on anything in the store (not including the clearance section).

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