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Your dog did what!?!?

Ahh, the joys of dog (or any pet) ownership. I get it, I have a farm! Underwear eating, poop snacking, drywall munching, mad dashers - so fun! What I don't get is lying about it. They did it, who cares, it happens, get over it. Yes, my cat eats plastic - he is weird but will track down any plastic to chew on (not swallow- just chew like gum). I can't tell you the amount of shipping bags I have recycled due to him gumming them. (He steals thread and bobbins, loves to play with the 1/2" tartan collars- see photo, he nabbed that one and dashed away under the sofa.) I'm pretty sure he thinks his name is "Bubba- NO"!

So, I want to have a talk about complaints/problems. Lies get nowhere, false excuses even worse. Your dog ate the leash, it happens, just tell me. Your 2 year old threw it out the window on the highway. Good! Tell me straight. I need to know if the item itself has failed, hardware wise or material wise or if it's due to an outside force.

Just for reference, Biothane is 1000lbs/ inch of width breaking strength- not possible for a dog to snap without snapping your hand off first. Please give me a little credit, a leash does not just 'break'. A snap might fail, but I have to know for sure as I contact the manufacturer of the snap to tell them. If the snap fails more than once, I might have to find another manufacturer of the snap to get a better quality. So please be honest!

Next order of business.


Solid brass tarnishes/patinas naturally. You just give it a scrub with baking soda and vinegar to shine it up rinse off and buff with soft cloth. Oxygen will cause the tarnish- a blackening- and is natural. You want to help prevent it? You can't. Just live with it. I love the antique brass look (looks like Bubba's eyes). Brass is strong and freshwater proof. (saltwater can tarnish faster) There is no practical prevention for the tarnish, just a little elbow grease to shine it up. Wet or dry environments.

Stainless steel; the steel that doesn't rust. That's it folks! It won't rust - hence the "stainless". It is lovely shiny silver, waterproof and really strong. It might mark up light fur (tarnish/blacken) a bit but will wash off (or use white vinegar and backing soda mix). The hardware I use is 304 AISI stainless steel. Look it up for the properties. Best for saltwater, wet or dry environments.

Nickel Plated (steel / zinc / brass). It is strong, relatively good weight and can mark light fur. Versatile and lots of options for shape, style and function. Shiny silver, can chip, might rust. Dry environments.

Matte Black Plated, this one is new. It is very similar in properties of the nickel plate but with a powder coated black coating. It can chip but I actually love the edgy look when chipped. Not really marking, as it's a powder coating on the metal. Dry environments.

Plastic, won't mark but weak. I don't have a lot of plastic except side release buckles as it snaps or breaks (or gets chewed) and it's done. Side releases are pretty durable due to thicker material but the rest of the hardware in plastic is too thin to be a good choice. Best for allergies as it's inert. Wet or dry environments.

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